Pressure Washing vs. Soft washing

Caleb Lawson  /  July 14, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Home?

Your residential or commercial property is a major investment, and keeping it clean and well maintained helps boost its curb value exponentially. There are a few ways to restore the luster of a home or property that has seen better days, including pressure washing and soft washing the area.

But, what exactly IS the difference between soft washing and pressure washing a surface?

One of the most frequent questions property owners ask is, “What is the difference between soft washing versus pressure washing?” It can tend to get confusing when trying to decide what cleaning service would be best for your home, property or particular exterior areas you want to look and feel better; after all, not all building materials can take the sheer force of a pressure washer. But, which parts should you use soft washing on? And which parts call for the much stronger pressure washing all together? Let our agents at NOVA Exterior Cleaning determine and get to the problem, and then create a solution for you!

What is a soft washing cleaning service?

Soft washing is a type of water based power washing service that is not as rough and abrasive on surfaces, using a water pressure level below 1,000 PSI. This method of surface cleaning uses a special nozzle that is attached to a pressure washer which reduces the speed and force of the water that comes out of the machine, hence the term “soft.” Unlike pressure washing or power washing, the water is not directly used to clean the surface, and instead soft washing uses a cleaning solution, which is applied to the area that needs cleaning first, to effectively kill mold, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms After the solution has been applied, soft washing is then used to clean and remove the cleaning solutions from the surfaces. This gives the cleaning solution time to seep into the tiny cracks and the surface itself, providing an even deeper clean than pressure washing.

What is a pressure washing cleaning service?

Pressure washing is the most common surface cleaning technique that is used to clean property buildings, brick, siding, walkways, decks, driveways, and so many other surface areas, just to name a few. This type of cleaning service relies on the pressure of the water to break down and wash away dirt, grime, mold, and other difficult to remove contaminants. By using high powered equipment and tools, a stream of water is forcefully projected in a controlled flow that knocks out dirt and gets an area or surface looking like new instantly. Because of the intensity of the water being released, it is not meant for all surfaces or areas and cautions should be observed. However, most of the time when pressure washing cannot be utilized, a soft washing could be the ideal option for you!

Benefits that soft washing can provide, compared to pressure washing

In the right hands, a pressure washer is a substantial tool that can give you the results you’re wanting, but the strength of a pressure wash can sometimes be too forceful to handle, especially by the more delicate surface areas. Due to the use of lower water pressure that soft washing provides, this method is ideal for cleaning the more fragile surfaces and areas of your property’s exterior, as these surfaces would be damaged if you used higher water pressure services. Soft washing is able to clean those hard to reach exterior surfaces, while reducing the element of damage to your property, without needing the help of a ladder or scaffolding. Additionally, the cleaning solutions used while soft washing are eco-friendly and ensure a longer, more pristine clean than that of pressure washing.

Soft washing and power washing can be used simultaneously

A frequently asked question from our NOVA Exterior Cleaning customers is whether pressure washing and soft washing need to be scheduled on different days or at different times for your many surfaces; luckily, both soft and pressure washing go hand in hand! By using both techniques simultaneously, it increases the available options our local agents have for cleaning and getting your property space looking fabulous, and hitting all those hard to reach areas!

Making the right choice between pressure washing and soft washing

It is important to know the difference between soft washing and pressure washing, and which service will work best for your home or property surface needing to be cleaned. Otherwise, you will end up with damages that may require expensive repairs, and more work than previously determined. When it comes to the different components of your property, our local professionals will know which method to use to effectively clean them; let us tackle which surfaces require pressure washing and which ones need the gentler soft washing. We will always suggest reaching out to us here at NOVA Exterior Cleaning to survey the work needing to be done, and to provide you with the best possible final result!

Soft washing and power washing surface utilization

The beautiful thing about hiring our agents at NOVA Exterior Cleaning is that we can determine which problem areas can handle a deep pressure washed cleaning and which can’t! Our agents are extensively trained to know what surfaces of your property require pressure washing and which ones need the gentler soft washing. Soft washing is a must for the more vulnerable and fragile sidings, like vinyl, cedar shake, stucco or wood panel, and major roofing, as well as decking and fencing, and brick pavers. The high power of a pressure wash can do more damage than good to certain surfaces, however its powerful cleaning capabilities are perfect for the durability of driveways, cement sidewalks, patios, brick siding, and much more! NOVA Exterior Cleaning starts every job with a very thorough inspection of the surface and areas needing to be cleaned. Our local technicians make sure to examine every corner of your property, taking note of any cracks, openings, or other potential hazards in our report, to make the service you receive as top quality as possible!

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