Fence Pressure Washing: A Clean Slate

shianne  /  November 29, 2022

Fence Pressure Washing For A Clean Slate

Is your property fence looking a little worse for wear? Because it is exposed to the harsh elements all day, every day, it will eventually start to look worn, damaged and dirty. If you live in an area with extreme heat or cold, cleaning your fence might be needed more often, maybe as often as twice a year. Cleaning off the grime is essential especially if you plan to paint or stain the fence to freshen it up. The idea of scrubbing each plank by hand probably doesn’t sound very appealing. Maybe you have considered using exterior professional fence pressure washing in Manassas to get your fence looking its best again. But before you call the professionals to pick up a machine and start spraying, there are several things to consider.

Many homeowners choose a wood fence over other materials because the classic look of a wood fence is hard to beat. However, over time the elements can dull a wood fence’s appearance and leave it looking worse for wear. If you live in a dry area, the combination of UV rays and dust can make your fence look washed out and old. Those of you in wetter climates have probably seen slimy stains on your fence and other wood outdoor surfaces that darken with each successive rainy season—telltale signs of mold and algae. The good news is that fence maintenance has come a long way since Tom Sawyer and his bucket of whitewash, so if you wish your wood fence looked new again, there’s no need to worry. Keep reading for some handy tips to restore your fence to its original appearance and make it a beautiful addition to your property once again.

What is Fence Power Washing?

Fence power washing is pretty self explanatory; fence pressure washing technicians will eliminate dirt, dust, and debris for good, and are there to remove unwanted residue and particles from your fence line, so that you do not have to deal with them. Through pressure washing, professional fence power washers will eradicate the dirt and grime so that your wood or vinyl fence looks amazing. Highly trained technicians use advanced equipment to loosen dirt and debris, as manual cleaning fails to remove the fungi you require for a thorough and proper fence pressure washing, to get the final result that you are looking for. Our team of professionals would remove fungi, mold, and mildew to protect your exterior property from rotting away!

Before Getting Started

The first thing to remember is that there is another side to a wooden or vinyl fence, and whether it’s facing the street, a neighbor’s house, or the wilderness, ensures that you know what is behind the fence at all times for proper safety. Pressure washers can cause harm to people, animals, and plants, even through the holes of a wooden fence. The high pressure stream of water from a pressure washer loosens dirt and grime, and it can also spray that dirt and grime back onto your yard (and you!) If you have delicate flowers or shrubs growing near the base of your fence, covering them with a tarp for protection is always a great idea.

Revamp and Renew

One of the areas that is oftentimes completely overlooked when pressure washing and cleaning, is the fence. Although wood is durable and sturdy, it does not mean that it is entirely impervious to mother nature; as winds pick up in your area and as storms roll through, or the harsh sun’s UV rays are beating down, the fence covering your property can get damaged. This is where the trained professionals come into play; when it comes to fence power washing and cleaning, contractors are your best option for high quality, professional and friendly services, fast! Mold and mildew can attack wood fence posts and railings over time as well, leaving them vulnerable to insects and weakening. Even vinyl fencing is not immune from damage. Regular fence power washing helps to preserve wooden posts and railings, and keep your vinyl looking its very best.

Wooden Fence Finishing Touches

Having your fence refinished may seem like an enormous task, but the expert agents with most fence pressure washing companies makes the fence staining process a breeze! Pressure washing a fence is a big job, but try not to lose your momentum when you finish. Sealing the wood is just as important as cleaning it, and it’s this final step that protects your fence from deterioration and future damage. Once you’ve let your freshly washed fence dry, choosing between staining and sealing will be your final major decision. While your fence can survive without a stain or sealer, keep in mind that skipping this step leaves the wood completely unprotected from the elements, which will result in the need for more frequent cleanings and a shorter lifespan for your fence. After allowing the fence to dry once they have finished thoroughly pressure washing your fences’ surface, all plants and other surfaces that cannot be stained will be fully covered, and then it’s time to start staining! Your hired team of well trained and experienced fence stainers properly apply the new stain to your fence, restoring its original beauty and protecting it for years to come.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Avoid letting any cleaners, brighteners or strippers dry on the wood when fence pressure cleaning. This can leave residue and prevent proper adhesion or absorption of sealers. You must rinse it off within 15 minutes! Uneven cleaning strokes with power washer extension wands can cause striping where the wand tip was closer to the fence. Striping shows up as an uneven cleaning and can make a fence look unprofessional. Homeowners should practice making nice, even strokes before they undertake wood fence cleaning with a pressure washer, if the project is being completed without the help of the professionals.

As a general rule, previously sealed fences usually need to be stripped before resealing. This involves using very strong chemical strippers, and is the sort of job best left to an experienced professional. Mold spreads easily and may return if all the mold spores have not been removed or killed properly. Either way, you’ll be surprised at how good and like-new your wood fence will look once the grime and dirt have been washed away!

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